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Through a deep understanding of your users we craft eye popping user centred website design to generate leads, sell products and dampen the competition.

“A huge Success”

We have worked with CobwebMedia for the last eighteen months on a relatively complex ongoing website design and branding project. Andy and Chris have been hardworking, intelligent, problem solving, competitively priced and reliable. The main reason we decided to work with CobwebMedia was their strong focus on User Experience (UX). They have delivered an incredible finished article and we are extremely happy with both the branding and website.

Richard Marrison, Founder

Where we shine.


Ensuring we understand your users is an essential part of our web design process. Before a single pixel is drawn we undertake thorough user research that ultimately translates into a higher conversion rate.


As a digital agency using analytical data, heat maps and surveys to identify trends and better understand user behaviour are central to our iterative UX and web design process.


Idea creation, brainstorming, discussion and prototyping is what we breathe. We strive for originality without losing focus on your brand, business objectives and end website user.


Day in day out we sweat the details. Our desire to consistently deliver pixel-perfect web design and dispensing valuable insight is what keeps our clients happy.


You know your business and we as a web designing agency know web. Through collaboration, together we can produce the best experience for your users.


Collectively our small team has nearly fifty years experience in the web design and user experience (UX) industry. When you work with us you get senior designers.

Our Process

As the website design project gets underway we work closely with you, delving deeper into your business and users through various user research methods. This allows us to begin planning effectively for the design phase.

Working from a finalised sitemap we begin defining the user journey through collaboration, prototypes, wireframes and low fidelity visuals. Eventually finalised page layouts and design assets are produced.

As this phase of the website design gets underway we consider which areas of the website build should be prioritised allowing time-consuming tasks such as content population to get underway swiftly. Testing and snagging precedes launch.

Through various analytical tools we can observe user behaviour and suggest UX improvements. Ultimately this process helps drive more traffic, improves usability and optimises conversions.

Using the data we collect and interpret, as part of our UX service we set to work implementing change. Iteration through analysis, design and implementation ensures the continual improvement of your website.

Why us

  1. Web specialists.

    Not a jack of all trades

    We play to our strengths and specialise in crafting highly effective websites. For everything else, from marketing support to illustration, we can utilise our trusted partners or collaborate with yours.

  2. Creativity-led.

    Cookie cutter-free zone

    With a strong background in design and motion we think outside the box and strive to craft unique websites that engage your users, communicate your brand and ultimately generate more business.

  3. Research-driven.

    Style and substance

    Our comprehensive user research and brand discovery process ensures we understand your business - this allows us to deliver a truly user-focused website and a powerful marketing tool.

  4. Experienced duo.

    Without the agency fees

    With decades of industry experience apiece, and boasting an impressive portfolio, you get a highly capable and collaborative duo with expertise to match any top agency… without the inflated fees.

We've earned a top reputation in 13 years.

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  • What is User Experience (UX)?

    User experience, often referred to as UX is the experience your website visitors have when on your website. A bad user experience e.g slow page loads, a difficult to navigate menu, poor content etc. will put your users off and before you know it they have left, destined for a competitor. A good user experience crafted by a UX designer means your users will continue engaging with your website and are therefore more likely to convert e.g buy a product, make an enquiry, call your business. UX is incredibly important and goes far beyond aesthetics alone.

    What is User Experience (UX) Design? by the Interaction Design Foundation is an excellent article explaining the process in more detail. Take a look if you’re interested in finding out more about UX, or contact us.

  • As a client how involved will I be in the design process?

    We want you to be involved. You know your business, so the more time we spend with you the better placed we’ll be to represent you effectively online. Typically the early stages of the project (i.e user research and design) are where we’ll be asking for most of your time and feedback. We won’t ever move on to the web design build phase of the project until you’re happy and all visuals, wireframes and prototypes are signed off.

    As we are based in Hampshire, we are well placed to meet face to face with clients across the south of the country, although we also work with businesses as far flung as the US.

  • Who will be designing our new website?

    Andy, our senior designer. He is a vastly experienced web and UX designer.

    One of our strengths is our size. There are only two of us (one UX / web designer and one WordPress / front-end developer) and that’s how we like it. Why is this a strength? If you call us you’ll speak directly to us and not a project manager. Also, your project won’t get passed on to a junior designer, and that’s more important than you might realise.

  • Will there be an opportunity to review designs and make changes?

    Absolutely. We’ll never progress past the website design phase without design sign-off. Our discovery and design phase includes thorough user research, wire-framing, sitemap / information architecture (IA) development, prototyping and finally high-fidelity visuals. We’ll be in close discussion for the duration, and any revisions, feedback or queries will be discussed and addressed – it’s a natural part of the design process.

  • How long does it take to design a website?

    We get asked this a lot about website design and it’s a tricky question as there are so many factors. Size of project, how responsive or reactive a client is, how much time our client can dedicate to the project (especially during the user research, design and content creation phases), whether there’s a reliance on external suppliers such as copywriters, photographers, illustrators etc… the list goes on.

    Realistically though for an average size website you should expect the process to take from three to six months.

    We prefer to work closely with our clients as this ensures an efficient website design process. Our Hampshire location offers excellent accessibility to locations across the South of England. We work with a wide range of businesses in Hampshire, Guildford, Berkshire, and beyond.

  • How much do you charge?

    We provide a bespoke service so there is no ‘off-the-shelf’ price unfortunately. Our cost is typically based on the amount of layouts a website is likely to have, and how much development time is needed. Naturally for a smaller site a lot less time will need to be invested – therefore less cost. The best way to get an idea of cost for your project is to contact us so we can have a quick chat and provide you with a ballpark cost.

  • Where are you based?

    We are a website design agency in Basingstoke, Hampshire. We offer creative web and user experience (UX) design to start-ups and long-established businesses in and around Basingstoke, as well as the wider South-East of England including Guildford, Berkshire and Surrey.

    With over a decade of experience working with businesses around the Hampshire area, we are fully equipped to bolster your brand and web presence.

    Our client-base is varied, from start-ups here in Basingstoke to global brands based in the US.

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