UX Design

UX Design

An exhaustive UX design process that puts your users centre stage

Informed decisions through understanding your users

Enhance usability, maximise conversions, increase revenue

User Experience (UX) is an integral part of good design. Whether it be a website or app, if the needs of the user are not properly considered the UX will suffer, resulting in poor conversion rates.

As a digital UX design agency our thorough UX process begins with a strong focus on the user and their mindset as they interact with your website or app. We then conduct in-depth analysis that together provide the foundations of our design process.

Prototyping, testing and an iterative design process ensures usability is always at the forefront. The end result - an experience that engages the user, ultimately generating more sales, more enquires, more conversions.

UX at a glance

  • User Research

    Through workshops, analysis, and questionnaires we glean a thorough understanding of your users, allowing educated design decisions to drive growth.

  • Prototyping

    We build prototypes to demonstrate core functionality and user flows. This allows for more robust testing pre-production.

  • Testing

    Using a range of analytical tools we observe user behaviour through A/B testing, heat mapping and conversion tracking.

  • Usability Audits

    Incorporating user research and analysis we produce detailed usability audits that provide actionable steps to enhance user experience.

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