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Veahero are a UK-based start-up that strive to make vegan and vegetarian meal planning a breeze.

With an ever-growing catalogue of recipes we were asked to design and build a weekly meal planer that would allow users to actually add their favourite recipes to their own planner.

Additional functionality would also need to be developed to allow users to generate a shopping list of ingredients for their meals.


Utilising drag and drop functionality we delivered a truly unique interface for Veahero that works seamlessly across all devices. Users who were already enjoying the thousands of recipe ideas published on the website could now sign-up and intuitively add their favourite meals to their planner.

With user numbers and recipe ideas growing by the day, the addition of the meal planner, which is already a hit, will ensure Veahero stays ahead of the game.

Skills Utilised

  • UX & Design
  • WordPress Development
Desktop display presenting newly designed Veahero website homepage
Two mobile devices showing various screens from the new Veahero websiteA mobile devices showing the new Veahero website homepage
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A desktop screen displaying the new Superreel websiteA zoomed in region of an area of interest on the Veahero website

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