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St Michael's Hospice are an indispensable local charity who's aim is to make sure its patients with life-limiting diagnoses can live their final days to the fullest.

A few mobile devices laid out on surface displaying designed screens from the new St. Michael's Hospice website


Historically the perception of St. Michael's Hospice was that it cared predominantly for the elderly despite a lot of their work being centred around younger patients and their families in time of need.

St. Michael's Hospice were keen to change public perception of the charity and increase support and donations from a wider pool to fulfil its core objective of being self-supporting and fully staffed.

With the support of a new website the aim was for St Michael's Hospice to both achieve their goals and become the 'go-to' charity for the local community.


Split into key sections the new St. Michael's Hospice offered much-improved usability for all users.

The donation interface was overhauled, making it easier for people to leave one-off donations or gift regularly. And the ability to purchase merchandise whilst registering for events was also developed.

Throughout the user research and design process user needs were scrutinised to ensure key information such as store opening hours, staff resources and details on care were all accessible.

Skills Utilised

  • Branding
  • Ecommerce
  • UX & Design
  • WordPress Development
Collection of tablet devices showing the newly designed St. Michael's Hospice website
Mobile, tablet and laptop screens displaying the designed St. Michael's Hospice website

Sunflower Meadow

Sunflower Meadow is a user-friendly donation interface that we developed alongside the main St. Michael's Hospice's website. The platform allows users to purchase and dedicate sunflowers in memory of a loved one.

Sunflower meadow campaign on tablet
A hospice nurse holds the hand of a patient

“Totally Trustworthy”

We have worked with CobwebMedia for over two years now and have been pleased with both how the website turned out in the beginning and with the ongoing work and support. CobwebMedia have always been available, reliable, totally trustworthy, worked to a high standard, and put up with our many changes of mind.

Sue O'Flinn, Communications Manager

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