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HIWCF are an independent charitable foundation working exclusively across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight distributing grants to some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people within the local communities.

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HIWCF's website is a vital communication tool for the foundation, playing a key role in both attracting donors and initiating grant applications.

The previous incarnation had served a purpose for years but its over-reliance on plugins and clunky code-base had slowed the site down and made it unstable.

A fresh, new website that embodied the inspiriting work that HIWCF do, steered by a thorough understanding of its users was needed to aid the continued growth of the foundation.


HIWCFs new website is clean, well structured and optimised. The information Architecture (IA) was mapped out from the start through a strong focus on the various user types.

One of the key improvements that came off the back of user research was prioritising the methods of donation. The likes of corporate giving and setting up trust funds were all brought to the forefront.

An overhauled grants section intertwined with historical data for each campaign was also developed, allowing donors to see first-hand how their money helped the local community.

Skills Utilised

  • UX & Design
  • WordPress Development
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“Understanding our objectives”

CobwebMedia took the time to gain a complete understanding of the objectives of the Foundation ensuring that our users' requirements and expectations were fully met. The result is a well-structured, well-designed and functional website that communicates our brand perfectly. Modernising our site will now enable us to increase engagement with our stakeholders in local communities to continue growth in the years ahead.

Lucy Sweet, Marketing Manager

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