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Website design homepage banner - Aerial view of roads with data trail overlaid

The client

Dynamon are an industry trailblazing SaaS company that help transport companies accelerate transition to electric vehicles whilst reducing operational costs.

Top down view of multiple tablet devices showing the Dynamon website design


Dynamon's previous website was complicated, unstructured and failed to portray this leading data analytics software provider as a pioneer in its field.

With the introduction of ZERO, Dynamon's flagship tool it was time for a new website to better showcase Dynamon's suite of analytical tools and help elevate the company to new heights within a rapidly evolving industry.


An entire body of rich content including infographics, video, animation and brand development was produced alongside an impressive new website.

Through extensive user research and brand discovery the objectives of both the user and stakeholders were identified, ensuring key products and messaging were communicated.

Skills Utilised

  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Motion & Animation
  • Photography
  • SEO
  • UX & Design
  • WordPress Development
Featured motion design on the new Dynamon website - animated map with vehicles moving and real-time data call-outs
Three mobile devices in a row, each one showing various screens from the new website

Branded icon set

A set of eye-catching icons to be used primarily on the website were custom-designed and produced.

  • Dynamon brand icon 1
  • Dynamon brand icon 2
  • Dynamon brand icon 3
  • Dynamon brand icon 4
  • Dynamon brand icon 5
  • Dynamon brand icon 6
  • Dynamon brand icon 7
  • Dynamon brand icon 8
  • Dynamon brand icon 9
  • Dynamon brand icon 10
  • Dynamon brand icon 11
  • Dynamon brand icon 12
  • Dynamon brand icon 13
  • Dynamon brand icon 14
  • Dynamon brand icon 15
  • Dynamon brand icon 16
  • Dynamon brand icon 17
  • Dynamon brand icon 18
  • Dynamon brand icon 19
  • Dynamon brand icon 20


To illustrate certain features of both the software and Dynamon’s wider solution a number of animated screens, infographics and videos were produced.

CobwebMedia client Dynamon's CEO speaks to his team - brand image

“These guys are amazinggggg”

I must also give a shoutout to the brilliant team at CobwebMedia, our exceptional website designers. Your dedication, exceptional communication, and deep understanding of our brand and services have transformed our vision into a stunning reality. (These guys are amazinggggg).

Stephanie Obi, Marketing & Business Development Manager

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