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Responsive WordPress Website for an Independent London Newspaper

Project Overview

Sector News & Media Location London Duration 6 months Completed 1st Mar 2017

The Brief

Having successfully designed and developed the main newspaper website for our client we were tasked with developing their weekend edition. The new Weekender site needed to promote local businesses and events to the people in and around South East London, whilst engaging them with relevent articles and local guides. Local businesses and event organisers also needed to be able to create accounts in order to manage their listings. The new site needed to monitise through advertising and Premium subscriptions.

The Outcome

A beautifully designed, fully responsive WordPress site packed with articles, events and local business listings for our client's readers. Due to the wealth of content on the site a complex search and filtering system was developed, along with algorithms to ensure related content becomes increasingly more relevent over time. A strong focus on the user interface and UX has been delivered allowing the most important feature of the site, the content, to be delvered effectively to the user.

Tablet showing the Weekender responsive, WordPress site Mobile device slid in front of tablet


Fully responsive and compatible with all modern devices, whether hand-held, desktop or anything in between. All images are high-res, optimised and fast-loading to ensure an undisrupted user experience.

Events XML

In addition to manually entered events, an XML feed was set up to pull in events daily via a scheduled script that runs on the server.

Two mobile devices showing different pages of the Weekender website Single mobile device slid alongside

Related Content Algorithm

An algorithm was developed to pull in related articles, events and businesses that were linked by far more than just their category. As the site grows the related content will become increasingly more relevant.

Mobile device at an angle displaying one of the internal pages of the website
Desktop view of the Weekender WordPress website

Overriding Back-end Control

Fine control over key landing pages to allow dynamically-fed content to be replaced with manually chosen content if desired.

Advertising Integration

Working alongside our clients ad agency we helped integrate responsive advertising throughout the site. MPUs, full-page wraps and banner advertising were all integrated in a non-obtrusive way, ensuring usability and content flow were not compromised.

Mobile device tilted displaying the Weekender website homepage
Desktop view showing the features of the Weekender website Zoomed display of the features

Advanced Search

Development of the native WordPress search was undertaken to allow much finer search and filtering. More accurate search results are now returned based on tags, keywords, page content and attributes.

Account Sign-up to Manage Listings

Businesses and event organisers can sign-up for Standard or Premium accounts allowing them to claim and administer their listings and events.

Laptop in background Mobile phone in foreground with Weekender website on-screen

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