Southwark News Casestudy

Southwark News

Responsive WordPress Website Design (Phase 1)

Project Overview

  • Sector Media
  • Location Southwark, London
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Completed 1st Apr 2015

The Brief

Southwark News required a responsive web solution to better offer up their news stories as a community and social experience. Ongoing, they plan to monetise the website in phase 2 of the project which will integrate with various subscription plugins allowing users to view a set amount of content before being required to pay for a subscription.

The Outcome

The website was built with growth in mind, allowing it to be infinitely expandable in terms of categories and sub categories as well as with the subscription functionality for phase 2 in mind. Ultimately Southwark News wanted to continue the community feel they had built by allowing for ease of social media sharing, bookmarking and commenting via Disqus, also displaying most popular, most read and most commented on posts first.

In order to keep the website dynamic with a fresh feel, algorithms have been built to cross reference news articles with similar articles with similar topics.

Southwark News website shown on a desktop Southwark News website article shown on a tablet Southwark News website shown on a desktop screen Southwark News website shown on a smartphone Southwark News website navigation shown on a smartphone

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