FOIL Casestudy


New Website and UX for professional membership organisation FOIL

Project Overview

  • Sector Law
  • Location Nationwide
  • Duration 6 months
  • Completed Jul 2019

The Brief

FOIL is the representative voice of the insurance lawyer community; a national body that through lobbying, education and networking promotes a more transparent claims environment.

FOIL has a large membership base of lawyers, partners and insurers, that through the website have access to a wealth of gated content surrounding latest legislation, news and events within the industry.

FOIL's previous website had served them for nearly eight years. However, motivated by evident usability frustrations and evolving business objectives FOIL realised it was time for change, and so commissioned CobwebMedia to undertake a full UX design process and deliver a new website that would focus on the needs of their users.

The Outcome

The initial phase of our UX design process focused heavily on FOIL's users and what they wanted from the website. Considerable user research was undertaken to identify various user groups and how their needs differed. Analysis of stats, stakeholder interviews and member surveys were conducted in order to glean a thorough understanding of both FOIL's users and the views of it's stakeholders.

Wireframes were then produced alongside a functioning, low fidelity prototype to help demonstrate core functionality. After various iterations, the wireframes were then developed into a series of high fidelity visuals, which were then handed over to development for implementation.

The new website is a real success story. Clean, organised, easily navigable - a much improved user experience all round. Since launch there has been a huge upturn in both traffic and engagement.

FOIL Alt description for style 6 FOIL Alt description for style 6
FOIL Alt description for style 11

Information Architecture: Informed by user research, a comprehensive sitemap was produced.

FOIL Alt description for style 11
FOIL Alt description for style 8 FOIL Alt description for style 8

User Flows were mapped out to determine the most efficent paths for key tasks, such as accessing gated content.


Wireframes were then produced to visualise the finalised user flows and determine content heirarchy and layout.

FOIL Alt description for style 11

Prototype: A low fidelity prototype was then built to demonstrate, test and refine core functionality.

FOIL Desktop View
FOIL Tablet View

The Final Product: A vastly improved user experience, that has already driven a significant increase in engagement.

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