Astra Office Interiors Casestudy

Astra Office Interiors

Adaptive Website Design for Smartphones and Build

Project Overview

  • Sector Fashion, Art & Design
  • Location Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • Duration 8 weeks
  • Completed 21st Oct 2013

The Brief

We were approached by Astra Office Interiors because their previous Flash-based website was performing badly on the major search engines. In addition they needed a website that would display effectively on tablets and smartphones, which in turn would generate more enquiries.

The Outcome

Our client approached this project with an open mind and allowed us to introduce design and functionality that ultimately made this website. An adaptive design was delivered, meaning the site could scale down on smartphones and hand-held devices whilst filling the screen on desktop browsers. Clean lines, open space and beautiful imagery were all used to good effect. Astra Office Interiors now appear top on Google for a range of core search terms and are clearly delighted they called upon our services.

Astra Office Interiors website shown on a desktop Astra Office Interiors website shown on a smartphone Astra Office Interiors website shown on a tablet

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