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As motion graphics designers, we create everything from stand-alone animation and 3D animation to fully immersive websites; we excite and engage your audience to the next level.

“A real pleasure”

It was a real pleasure working with CobwebMedia. Andy and Chris quickly understood what I was trying to get across by way of my art business and brand, and were able to translate this into a highly impactful website and brand identity.

Lenka Daviesova, Artist

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Whether you’re after an animated logo or icon set, sequence or motion graphics we have the creativity, experience and skills to engage your digital audience.

3d renders

We take products from blueprint and turn them into photo-realistic 3d models. Whether your customers would benefit from an interactive product configurator or animated sequence for their website or digital marketing we can help.


Gone are the days where websites are static and little more than an online brochure. Through animation and interaction we ensure an enhanced user experience (UX) is delivered through our websites.

Why us

  1. Specialists.

    We specialise in creating engaging, user-focused websites that convert.

  2. Collaborative.

    We listen and work together through a business-focused approach to design.

  3. Dependable.

    An experienced and trust-worthy senior web design and development duo.

We've earned a top reputation in 12 years.

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  • Why are motion graphics important?

    Motion graphics design, videos and animation are known to be twelve times more engaging to your users than static text and images. Engagement is important, not just because it increases conversions (such as sales, enquiries and phone calls) but because it’s a big ranking factor for search engines too. We incorporate motion graphics and animation in an interactive way, making our websites far more engaging than static websites. Applied sensitively, motion and animation can lead to increased conversions and an all-round positive user experience.

  • Can you produce standalone motion graphics?

    Absolutely. We don’t have to produce motion graphics in conjunction with a website project. As expert motion graphic designers we’ve produced animated logos, social media shorts, 3D animation and short videos for a range of uses including exhibition graphics, social media promo and display advertising.

  • Can you bring our products to life in 3D?

    Whether you have a blueprint, technical drawings or just photos with measurements we can reproduce your product and transform it into a 3D animation or configurator. Using industry-leading software we spend a lot of time ensuring the final rendered product is photo-realistic – from there we can then animate your product or embed onto your website as a 3D visualiser or configurator. The possibilities are endless so speak to us to find out what we can do to showcase your products.

  • How much does it cost? Is it worth the investment?

    The general rule of thumb with motion graphics design is that the more time spent, the better the end result. That said, we understand budgets and can work within them to deliver motion design projects in the most effective way, whether part of a larger website project or as standalone assets. Are motion graphics and 3D rendering worth the investment? Yes, considering the higher engagement and potential for increased conversions from your website. Not to mention standalone animations or sequences can be used over and over again as part of your wider social or marketing strategy.

  • Where are you based?

    We are motion graphics designers in Hampshire but we work throughout the South of England for a range of different clients in areas such as Berkshire, Surrey, and more.

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