Your brand new website has just launched and it’s tempting to think the work is now complete. But like most things in life, websites need maintenance to stay in tip top condition. Websites are designed to adapt and be built upon, not to remain static and grow stale.

So, what needs to be done for your website to keep it constantly looking fresh and working to its optimum?

Websites need regular content updates and technical maintenance.

Your website is built with ease of use in mind, so you can update your content as and when you please with confidence. When the website is ready, we will train your designated web admins in how to update and upload new content.

But technical maintenance needs looking after too. This is where web agencies like us come in handy. You can always turn to us to look after the following:

  • Hosting support
  • Plugin and security updates
  • Regular site backups
  • Speed and performance optimisation
  • A range of Google services management including Google Search Console and Google My Business
  • Google Analytics set up and support if needed

All of these can be managed by a technical support team, like us.

Why do I need technical maintenance for my website?

Without regular updates to your themes and plugins, your website could be left vulnerable to malware attacks as hackers exploit old code. Daily updates and backups of your website ensure that your site is not unduly exposed to threats and provides a recent backup to fall back to, should you need it.

How easy is it to update my web content?

We give you the tools to look after your own content. We train your team on managing and updating web content, so you can respond instantaneously to changes in the market.

We build our websites on WordPress, which is well known for its user-friendly interfaces so you can update pages and create new content effortlessly.

Fresh content is important for search engines and returning visitors alike. We recommend that you update your website regularly with content that is useful and appealing to your audience. By posting new blogs, tools, guides, news and case studies, you boost your search engine rankings and provide reasons for your audience to re-engage with your brand. Sometimes our clients choose to use a copywriter to do this work for them so that content is SEO ready and production is consistent.

Talk to us about our hosting and maintenance packages.