Many companies are investing vast amounts of time and effort into artificial intelligence and how it can fit within a current website structure, or how it can be applied to a new build website. The question is – what are the benefits and why has this become such a large part of the technology arena? With programs such as Adobe’s “Sensei” and Wix’ “Advance Design Intelligence” making a splash, there’s obviously something worth looking at in more detail!

Let’s start with how it works

AI software is a bit of a misnomer at this point – when it is used for web design purposes technically it is not ‘true AI’; however, it’s still impressive. Different AI software packages will do different things, but the overall purpose is the same – machine learning that analyses user fed content, with the core aim of basing design decisions around it. Programs available now are also typically capable of creating visuals for the content, due to their image recognition capabilities.

What Does This Mean for Web Design?

Until the products are officially tested on the market, there is no clear indicator on how well they will perform in creating unique and tailored content for customers. When implemented with chatbots like Firedrop’s “Sacha”, it appears that these new tools may be able to function in the same way as an on-demand, human web designer – but does this mean they’d be any better?

Looking at the actual benefits… there are not (at this moment in time), any huge differences that make AI stand out in comparison to working with a human led design and design team. The main difference that this technology may make is to take remarketing to the next level – if you’re looking to access multiple markets with one website or creating tailored websites per viewer, then this is where AI web design software could come into its own!

Looking from that perspective, then this is a brilliant idea, especially as ultimately it’s quite a difficult thing to do. and utilising a robot over a team of staff could be both cost-effective and quicker. That said, unless your business needs a viewer tailored website on a large scale, you might be better off with a traditional, human designer (a good one).

We will definitely be keeping our eyes on this as the technology develops. How do you feel about it? Let us know!