First launched in 1997, Dreamweaver was developed by Adobe Systems and created by Macromedia.
At a time, long ago, when most web packages were either stuck in the HTML or Desktop Publishing packages space, Dreamweaver came along and was the very first to combine both of these elements together to make it easier for developers.

First released only for MAC, version 1.2 followed the following March in 1998 for Windows following the success of the MAC version.  Recent updates have followed year after year and 2005, Dreamweaver was included with Adobe CS2.3.  A few years later in 2007, Dreamweaver went on to replace Adobe GoLive in the Adobe Creative Suite. Further updates over the years have included HTML5 capability and download only cloud based versions.

Made for the web designers among us, Dreamweaver is an application that provides the users with a WYSIWYG editors – also known as ‘what you see is what you get’ – meaning that you can see the information you are putting into it in design view, i.e. how you would see it on a live site, with the formatting for example.

To this day, Dreamweaver is still used by many developers and with no real competition, Dreamweaver has kept its lucrative place in the market.