We wrote back in July that Java programming was an up and coming career choice for those wishing to further or move into the development field, as those with the skills were at that time in high demand and short supply. Fast forward 6 months and we’re seeing reports that JavaScript is now the skill most highly in demand for IT in 2020.

A recent survey conducted by DevSkiller shows that Java itself is now in third place, with SQL second and JavaScript at #1. This is partly because the need for web app development has taken over the need for large back-end systems in a lot of markets. As it stands, around 72% of companies recruiting for development professionals are looking for JavaScript developers primarily, followed by SQL developers at 55% and 53% for Java developers.

What’s the Difference Between Java & JavaScript?

We touch on this separately in another blog, but the basic differences are:

  • JavaScript is more procedural, whereas Java is heavily object orientated
  • JavaScript is primarily used for front-end web development, whereas Java is used across all areas of the development sphere
  • JavaScript is a “script” language; Java is a “compiled” language. This means that JavaScript can be changed at runtime, whereas Java is compiled ahead of time.

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) can therefore see how a Java code is intended to operate before runtime.

  • JavaScript is very flexible and very open, so helps the open source community thrive
    Big JavaScript Projects
  • Facebook uses a lot of JavaScript programming in user browsers to help with front-end experience. This runs alongside C++, PHP and Java.
  • The original MySpace platform led the way for customisable coding by end-users, and even though it died a death when Facebook took off, plenty of other platforms have now taken up the reins into code customisability. WordPress, for example, is a popular platform with functionality for users to get involved with coding, which includes JavaScript.
  • WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg encouraged developers back in Dec-17 to learn JavaScript, as it can help make sites run faster and create web-based applications that work like desktop programs. JavaScript powers the backend admin for WordPress, so it’s not just developers who are using it – anyone who has ever dragged and dropped on a back end menu is using JavaScript on the WordPress platform.
  • Google – we can’t forget the big G! Google uses JavaScript for both front and back end programming

Original data source: https://www.infoworld.com/article/3515788/javascript-is-the-most-in-demand-it-skill.html