Mark Zuckerberg celebrates his birthday on the 14th May, and whilst you might not recognise his face, we are pretty sure you will recognise his name!

Mark Zuckerberg, born in New York in 1984 dreamed up the world’s favourite, biggest and best social network straight from his college bedroom at Harvard University. Known in its infancy as The Facebook, the idea was that fellow students could send each other messages, share news and pictures.

Leaving uni in his sophomore year, with the ambition to grow the site and develop it further, Zuckerberg’s dream was realised as at the end of 2004, Facebook had over 1 million users.
The following year in 2005, $12.7 million dollars was invested into Facebook from a well-known venture capital firm, Accel Partners. This allowed Zuckerberg to give Facebook access to other schools, colleges and universities as well as connecting with educational facilities around the world. By the end of 2005, Facebook had 5.5 million registered users.

Facebook continued to grow and grow with more and more people showing an interest in the site; wanting to join it as well as advertise on the site.

Today, Facebook now sells adverting for businesses, generating a fair share of revenue as well as joining in with worldwide trending events; such as the disasters in Nepal and the general election here in the UK.

Mark Zuckerberg is a very savvy businessman, always looking at new acquisitions and investments – shortly after going public in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram.

We look forward to seeing what Zuckerberg has for us in the future!