Mozilla Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation was officially founded on the 3rd August 2005, celebrating its ten-year birthday.

Established to handle all of the revenue that is related to the Mozilla Foundation, the people behind Firefox and SeaMonkey web browsers as well as a number of other applications.

Mozilla on the whole has come a long way over the years since the official founding of the corporation:

3rd August 2005
The Mozilla Corporation is founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation

12th August 2006
In a huge PR stunt, students make a large crop circle in the shape of the Mozilla Firefox logo in a field, Oregon, USA (It was added as an entry to Google Maps in 2013, and it’s still there now!)

13th February 2007
The very first draft of the Mozilla Manifesto is officially released and posted online along with the slogan; “Internet by the people for the people”

28th December 2007
AOL announced the end of its working partnership with Netscape and recommends that users switch over to Firefox instead

3rd July 2008
Mozilla sets a new Guinness World Record entry for the number of Firefox 3 downloads completed in just one day

28th January 2010
The Nokia N900 received the first version of Firefox for a mobile device

22 March 2011
Firefox 4 was officially released and Mozilla announces plans to release a rapid release model every four weeks with new updates and versions

25th July 2011
A forum post ‘Booting to the web’ announced the plans of the project that would go on to become Firefox OS

18th January 2012
Mozilla joins the campaign to stop the online privacy act

7th February 2012
Mozilla reaches out to all seven continents with the launch of Mozilla Antarctica

6th July 2012
Thunderbird email client program was released

6th February 2013
Mozilla was named the most trusted internet company with regard to privacy

2nd July 2013
Firefox OS launches on phones available commercially in Spain

29th April 2014
The Firefox logo was launched and still looks the same today