Anyone remember Myspace? Founded w-a-y back in 2003, it has been lost in the world of Facebook, Twitter and the like. The original social networking site allowing users to connect with friends, creating personal profiles, blogs, images and videos.

Since it was launched originally, Myspace has undergone some serious transformation. In 2008, Myspace was acquired by News Corporation for $580 million. The stats were encouraging – from 2005 – 2008, Myspace was the most visited website in the US, surpassing Google and was also considered to be the largest social networking site in the world.

However, the good news didn’t last for long. In April 2008, Facebook overtook Myspace and the users on the site declined rapidly over the years, even though Myspace invested in several redesigns.

In 2011, News Corporation sold Myspace jointly to Specific Media Group and Justin Timberlake for $35 million. Since then, the company has downsized in terms of staff employed and has since been relaunched, with a number of celebrities creating profiles, perhaps thanks to Justin Timberlake’s influence.

Here are a few Myspace stats…

Number of Myspace users at its peak – 75.9 million worldwide
Number of monthly video views on Myspace – 300 million, as on November 2014
Number of artists on Myspace – 14.2 million, as of January 2015
Number of songs stored in the Myspace library – 53 million, as of January 2015
Number of songs uploaded to Myspace on a daily basis – 13,000, as of January 2015
Number of employees currently working for Myspace – 150, as of January 2015 (this was 1600 at its peak)