Android has taken the lead on Apple in the race for web usage. According to global web analytics firm Net Applications, Apple’s share fell from 45.61% in June to 44.19% in July, whereas Android’s rose from 43.75% to 44.62%. Other operating systems are still lagging far behind the leaders with Java ME coming in third with 4.19%.

Although it remains to be seen whether this trend will continue over coming months, this is a real landmark for Google. Despite the fact that Android is used by a large and varied range of mobile devices, the operating system has never before topped iOS in terms of web usage share. The upcoming release of the iPhone 6 (forecast to be in October) may well mark a turn back in favour of Apple, but we’ll have to wait and see – these changing trends will make for interesting reading over the coming months. Are you a loyal Apple or Android user or have you swapped sides? Let us know your views and comments below.