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Mans finger selecting a five star rating

25May 18

Focus on your users, not just on search engines

With the technicalities of managing or setting up a website it’s easy to lose sight of the real people you’re marketing to in the first place.

GDPR, security, personal data

5Apr 18

GDPR – How Will It Impact YOU?

With just over a month to go until GDPR comes into play, it's quite alarming to think that 29% of UK business owners are either unaware of the changes.

HTTPS and padlock in address bar

23Feb 18

Has HTTPS Really Increased Security

All we're hearing about lately is Google's push to move every website on the internet to HTTPS but has this push to move really done a lot to increase online security?

Neon mobile device illustration

8Feb 18

2018 Design Trends for Mobile

With a much more increased focus on mobile sites now than ever before, it's little wonder that the topic of mobile site design is at the front of every mind.

SEO in neon lights

9Jan 18

Does Your Website Work Well on Mobile?

Whilst your business should have a strategy to keep in-line for when Google's Mobile First index we'd like to share our top tips for making your website compliant.

Cyber crime fingerprint montage on screen

14Dec 17

WannaCry, Bad Rabbit?

Bad Rabbit is the latest ransomware to hit the headlines. For anyone who hasn't heard, this is a fresh cyber-attack with the aim of extorting cash from users.

Lady searching on her mobile phone

14Dec 17

Google Updates For 2018

Google lays down the law (again!). More on the updates coming in 2018 to Googles algorithms and webmaster practices. Now the dust has settled, here is our take on things.

Man using a hybrid React Native app on a mobile device

20Sep 17

Are React Native Apps the Future?

A brainchild of Facebook (and similar to their JavaScript library React), the open source React Native platform has taken the app development world by storm.

AI in web design

21Aug 17

Do you Need to Use An AI Web Design Program?

Many companies are investing vast amounts of time and effort into artificial intelligence and how it can fit within a current website structure, or how it can be applied to a new build website.

Above the fold website content

19Jul 17

What is above the fold content?

So what is above the fold content? Above the fold content is content that sits on the upper portion of a web page. More specifically, the very first portion of a webpage you see before scrolling when the site loads up.

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