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User Testing, Usability Testing - What’s The Difference?

17Jan 20

User Testing, Usability Testing – What’s the Difference?

We’re often asked for our thoughts on user testing and usability testing and sometimes find it hard to explain that there’s a real difference between the two (even though as phrases they sound similar).

iOS App Design Trends

17Oct 19

iOS App Design Trends

2019 has seen a range of changes to how smart phones and apps work, not least because of the lack of a Home button on most modern phone models. So what else has changed this year?

Google Chrome 76 Released In Stable Form

8Aug 19

Google Chrome 76 Released in Stable Form

This month we’re sending thanks to Google for finally releasing Chrome 76 in stable form, which feels like an update aimed to help web developers improve performance and efficiency.

Java Programming - An Up And Coming Career Choice

24Jul 19

Java Programming; An Up and Coming Career Choice

Developers with skills in Java, React and Python are amongst the hardest skills to find, especially in the bigger cities where the demand is greatest.

User testing - checkboxes

9Jul 19

Pinpointing Snags on a Large Website

For any website owner with a large website, pinpointing user snagging points can be a nightmare. Even if certain types of pages follow set templates, there can still be errors that are overlooked.

Googlebot Evergreen

31May 19

Googlebot Upgrades to Evergreen

With the announcement from Google earlier this month that Googlebot now supports Chromium rendering engine version 74, we all sat back and breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Mobile UX Testing - CobwebMedia

30Apr 19

Effectively Utilise Mobile UX Testing

The use of mobile devices for web browsing continues to rise, with the majority of websites now seeing a fairly even split between users who have accessed via mobile/tablet as opposed to desktop devices.

Website Architecture

26Mar 19

Website Architecture; Where to Start?

Website navigation and architecture is extremely important and the job of planning main website navigation paths needs to be given the time and care it deserves.


1Mar 19

Angular Beta v8

It’s been just over a month since the beta season for Angular v8 started and with it planned for general release around May time, we’re keen to look at what V8 will bring to the Angular world.

Website Speed Optimisation

7Feb 19

Speed Optimisation for 2019

Faster, slicker, quicker; the 3 things that we all want websites to be, and yet they don’t always go hand in hand. We all know that slick can mean slow.

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