During London Tech Week, the VP and managing director of Google UK-Ireland has confirmed the news that we knew deep down all along.

More than half of ALL UK searches are done via mobile devices.
Let that sink in for a while.

Ok, back with us? Now it is time for you to assess you own mobile presence – do you have a mobile friendly site?
If the answer is yes, congratulations – you have opened yourself up to those users via mobile, so they will be able to find you alongside the ‘mobile friendly’ tag. Ace!

But if you haven’t taken the plunge into the world of all things mobile, you will be losing out.

Google have recently reported on their AdWords blog that more and more searches are being carried out on mobile devices versus desktop in ten countries around the world. But Google refused to name them, apart from America and Japan.

It would seem now though that the UK can be added to the list of countries where mobile search is outperforming traditional desktop search.
This trend gives further weight to the Google Mobile Usability Update that was released in April 2015 and shows that Google are keen to emphasise the impact mobile devices and usage will have on the market.

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