For a long time, we have seen clickable phone numbers when looking at adverts and local listings within Google’s mobile interface.

However, when it comes to organic search, clickable phone numbers have long been a thing of dreams. Instead, users have to copy and paste the number, or even go to the effort of finding a pen and paper to write the number down. Crazy!

However now it seems Google have taken note of what people want and they are currently trialling clickable phone numbers within the organic SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Traditionally, the click on phone number call to action was previously just reserved for paid for adverts and local Google listings, but chances are these clickable numbers in organic search results will roll out further.

We think this will prove to be a hit with mobile users who are increasingly more aware of what they are clicking on. Everyone wants information to be quick and easy to obtain these days, with busy lives and workloads to content with so this new proposed addition from Google shows that Google never stop experimenting.

How do you feel about clickable number within organic search?