We wrote back in March about why “flattened” logos are the next in thing, and even with all the upheaval we’ve seen this year so far, it’s still a trend that’s very much in vogue. From BMW to Nissan, it seems a lot of the big brands are at it, so let’s look at some of our favourites.


Well, seen as we mentioned it, Nissan’s new stylised flat logo looks to their current 3D version with a monochrome version that overlays a rectangle and a circle comprised of just lines that enclose the Nissan logotype.

Trademark applications have been filed in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Great Britain and Uruguay and assuming these are approved, we may see this logo appearing on new cars soon.


Another auto brand ready to make the leap is Volkswagen. This was actually unveiled in late 2019 and has been spotted already on their line of fully electric cars, with the ID.3 proudly sporting it as the first model to bear the logo.

The new VW logo is 2D and uses just 2 colours; dark blue and white, as opposed to it’s previous 3D, chrome design. 19 internal teams and 17 external agencies came together in a record breaking 9 month timeframe to produce and market this logo.

Warner Bros

Another logo introduced in late 2019 for the new decade, the new Warner Bros logo moves from their previous 3D, orange and blue iteration to a simpler, blue and white design. The shield is still very much a part of the logo, so still instantly recognisable, and will be used as part of their 2023 100 anniversary celebrations.

One thing that is missing is the Warner Bros. Pictures text across the front, but we don’t think it’s much of a loss as everyone knows their iconic brand without needing the text.


Big hosting company GoDaddy has simplified their logo massively this year, from their previous 3D, cartoon-style design to a simple black and blue text design with a new image logo as well as the text. Using a generic sans-serif typeface, this logo is aimed more at the professional market and sits up there with companies such as Google and Spotify who have also moved more towards this type of branding.

Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last but not least, the new logo from Sony to herald in the PS5 follows the same, flattened format as their previous PS model designs. Sony have long led the game with a minimalist design; white text on a black background, and the classic ‘P’ image that we all know and love.

This logo has come under some fire in the gaming world as Sony did build up the reveal as if a massively changed logo was coming, but the key to good branding is often to stick to something you know works, and Sony definitely know the PlayStation 5 is set to take the world by storm this year!