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GSAP animation graphic - shapes and circle abstract

15Dec 21

Cool GSAP Plugins for 2022 Animation

There are a number of plugins available to use with GSAP to enhance web animation, opening up the animation sector in the last few years.

Google search user experience - mobile UX illustration

22Jun 21

Google’s Page Experience Update – A Developer’s Perspective

Our thoughts on the Google Page Experience Update as it begins its global rollout, and how meeting this criteria may not be as easy as it looks.

After Effects close-up of screen showing composition layers

13Mar 21

Latest Updates to Adobe After Effects

Adobe have released their latest updates to After Effects, their flagship motion graphics and visual effects software; read more here.

Animated nodes forming a wave

7Mar 21

Using WebGL as a Flash Alternative

WebGL has been named as Flash’s successor to move forward with advances in the world of animation and graphics on the web.

WebGL interactive car

9Jan 21

What is three.js and what can we do with it?

Continuing with our focus on modern web animation and 3D graphics, this month we are looking at three.js in more detail.

Isometric illustration of devices and screen animated

23Dec 20

SVG Animation; Where it came from and where it’s going in 2021

SVG animation is favoured by many web designers due to its flexibility. It is scalable, easy to edit, produces compact file sizes and is also SEO-friendly.

3D boxes animating

19Nov 20

Motion Design Inspiration

Motion design has taken over the web in the last couple of years, with a range of different effects ruling many websites that have seen a redesign in this time.

Man shopping online - ecommerce

30Sep 20

Should Businesses Switch to an Ecommerce Website?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce order volume has increased by 50% in comparison to 2019.

Unhappy UX Design Emoji

15Aug 20

The Most Common UX Mistakes

As designers who have been in the business for a long time, we think we’ve seen pretty much all of the common UX mistakes it’s possible to make (and we have a good idea of how to overcome them).

Close-up of Playstation's flat PS5 logo

22May 20

Our Top Flattened Logos for 2020

We wrote back in March about why flattened logos are the next in thing, and even with all the upheaval we have seen this year so far, it’s still a trend that’s very much in vogue.

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