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Responsive Website Design, Build, WordPress Integration, Branding and Stationery

Project Overview

Sector Construction Location London Budget £3,000 - £5,000 Duration 12 weeks Completed 16th Dec 2014

The Brief

The project aim was to launch a logo, brand, website and stationery for A13 Steel, a new company based just outside London. The brand would need to appeal to the construction industry and promote an entirely new approach. The website would serve as an extension to the brand, promoting the various products and services A13 Steel offer their customer-base.

The Outcome

The brand, website and range of printed literature we created for A13 Steel have been a remarkable success. Since the brand and website launched we have continued to work closely with our client, producing further printed literature and signage to complement the already-strong brand-image they are portraying. The website has since been developed further with the addition of new content and features.

Speed Optimisation

All images were heavily compressed with a focus on retaining quality. All external scripts were minified and merged, again helping trim precious seconds off page load times.

Mobile device tilted displaying the A13 Steel website homepage
Desktop view of the A13 Steel WordPress website

Transitions & Animation

To engage the user and provide a richer browsing experience we animated a number of elements and sections on the website. This included the fading in of sections as they come into view, animated icons and even a parallax crane on the homepage.

Desktop view showing the features of the A13 Steel website Zoomed display of the features

Filterable Gallery & Lightbox

A filterable image gallery was built to showcase examples of the client's work. All images are sortable depending on which product or service is selected. Images can be expanded on-the-fly to reveal a caption. All images and filters are managed through the WordPress Dashboard.

Request a call-back pop-up

Neat little bespoke pop-up that fades in a few seconds after page load. The user can close the pop-up, which then stores their session ID so they won't see it again for the duration of their visit. Since this feature was added there was a large increase in online enquiries.

Ipad featuring the A13 Steel website partially in view
Desktop view of the A13 Steel homepage at the bottom of a stack Tablet view of the A13 Steel homepage in the middle of a stack Mobile view of the A13 Steel homepage at the top of a stack

Image Sourcing and Content Population

Although the client could administer their content themselves we were asked to populate the site on their behalf. Content population included liaising with our recommended copywriter, sourcing images and then adding content via the WordPress Dashboard.

Branding and Print Design

A13 Steel is an already very successful new company. As part of the project we undertook a full branding service, which included the creation of their logo and application of their brand to a range of offline material including stationery, billboards and petrol pumps.

Stack of A13 Steel business cards


As is the standard today the new website is fully responsive and compatible with all modern devices, whether hand-held, desktop or anythng in between. All images are high-res, optimised and fast-loading to ensure an undisrupted user experience.

Laptop in background Mobile phone in foreground with A13 Steel website on-screen

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