The Beginners Guide to SEO – Part 1

Ah, SEO. You might have heard of this dark art previously, or it could be completely new to you! Either way, this beginner’s guide will work though the different stages and steps and help you to understand SEO and internet marketing in general further. In this first part, we are going to look at what […]

Days of the Month – November

Use Your Common Sense Day 4th November Ah, common sense! That thing that sometimes evades people! 4th November is the day in which there should be no silly questions. Well, that’s the plan! Remember, “common sense ain’t that common” accordingly to will Rogers. World Kindness Day 13th November Why not cheer someone up with a […]

Happy Birthday eBay!

eBay, the online ecommerce giant, celebrated its 20th birthday on the 3rd September, and boy hasn’t it come a long way over the years! Officially founded on the 3rd September 1995 with the very first live auction taking place the following day, eBay has grown dramatically over the following twenty years and reported a revenue […]